Visitor Safety in Belfast: Important Tips to Stay Secure

Navigating Belfast: Efficient Transport Options for Visitors

Navigating the vibrant city of Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is a delightful experience for any visitor.

Known for its rich history and cultural heritage, the city offers a variety of efficient transportation options.

Whether you’re here to explore the scenic attractions or delve into Belfast’s history, getting around is convenient and straightforward.

You have access to a comprehensive public transport system that includes buses and trains, which are operated by Translink.

The buses, branded as Metro, provide extensive coverage within the city, while the train services are great for connecting you with other parts of Northern Ireland.

The Glider service seamlessly connects the east and west of the city with a rapid transit link.

For those who value flexibility and personal comfort, taxi services such as Value Cabs offer a reliable alternative, with an easy booking process to aid in your urban exploration.

Car hire is also readily available for visitors who wish to plan their own routes and travel at their own pace.

Belfast’s manageable size means that alternative forms of transport, such as cycling, can be an enjoyable way to traverse the area while soaking in the local atmosphere.

Navigational aids, including maps and smartphone apps, are readily available to help you find your way around the city and beyond its borders.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficient public transport and taxis ensure seamless navigation throughout Belfast.
  • Alternative transportation offers a personalized travel experience.
  • Access to navigational aids is readily available for convenience.

Public Transport Overview

Belfast offers you a range of convenient transport options managed by Translink, providing accessibility throughout the city with buses, trains, and the innovative Glider system.

Buses in Belfast

Translink Metro is the primary urban bus service in Belfast, connecting various parts of the city with a fleet of distinctive, pink-colored buses.

You can choose between single or double-decker buses depending on the route.

  • Metro: Frequent service within city boundaries.
  • Ulsterbus: Connects Belfast with other parts of Northern Ireland.
  • Glider services: Eco-friendly hybrid technology linking east and west Belfast, and the Titanic Quarter.

Belfast Train Services

Your rail travel needs within Belfast and the greater Northern Ireland area are well-served by Translink’s train services.

The network includes comfortable trains with regular schedules to key destinations.

  • NI Railways: Connects major towns across Northern Ireland.

The Glider System

The Glider connects east and west Belfast with a swift, tram-like service, offering you an efficient and eco-friendly way to travel across the city. It also services the Titanic Quarter.

  • Glider System: Fast and frequent service with dedicated lanes for efficient city travel.

Taxi Services and Car Hire

What is the best way to get around Northern Ireland?

When exploring Belfast, you have the convenience of taxi services and car rental options that cater to your flexible travel needs around the city.

Hailing a Cab

Finding a taxi in Belfast is straightforward. Value Cabs is a prominent taxi company that offers professional services, including sightseeing tours.

They provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles and seven-seater options for larger groups. To hail a cab promptly:

  • Book a taxi by phoning +44 (0)28 9080 9080
  • Download the Value Cabs app to your smartphone for easy booking.

Another trusted taxi company is FonaCAB, which also offers comprehensive services to get you around town.

Car Rental Options

If you prefer personal space and the freedom to explore at your own pace, consider car hire services. Here’s what you need to know:

  • There’s no need for a rental car if you’re staying central, but for farther explorations, it’s a good idea.
  • Visit the Welcome Center across from City Hall for information on local rental companies.

Vehicles range from self-drive cars to luxury coaches, ensuring there’s a vehicle to match your preference and travel style.

Booking in advance is usually the best way to secure your desired car and potentially save on rates.

Alternative Transportation

Exploring Belfast offers exciting alternative transportation methods that are both eco-friendly and give you a unique perspective on the city.

Discover the joys of biking around or dive into the local culture with guided walking tours.

Biking Around Belfast

Belfast is a bike-friendly city with several options for you to pedal your way around.

You can access Belfast Bikes, a public bike-sharing scheme, at various docking stations throughout the city.

The service, also known as Just Eat Belfast Bikes, is a convenient way for you to rent a bike on the go. Here’s how to get started:

  • Locate: Find a docking station near you.
  • Rent: Use the terminal or the Belfast Bikes app to hire a bike.
  • Ride: Enjoy cycling across the city at your own pace.

Always wear a helmet for safety and follow local traffic regulations.

Walking Tours

For an immersive experience, consider joining one of the many walking tours Belfast has to offer.

Walking tours allow you to explore the city’s rich history, vibrant street art, and hidden gems, all while getting some exercise. Here are some tips for enjoying your walking tour:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes.
  2. Check the weather and dress appropriately.
  3. Be prepared to be on your feet for a couple of hours.

Walking tours often have knowledgeable guides who provide you with fascinating insights into Belfast’s storied past and contemporary culture, making this a memorable part of your visit.

Navigational Aids and Tips

When you visit Belfast, you’ll find navigating the city straightforward with the right tools.

From state-of-the-art travel apps to convenient visitor cards, there’s an array of options to enhance your travel experience and make getting around as seamless as possible.

Travel Apps and Cards

What is the best way to get around Belfast?

Your smartphone can be your most valuable navigational tool with apps like Translink’s Journey Planner.

This app provides real-time updates on bus and train schedules, helping you plan your travel efficiently from the George Best Belfast City Airport or further afield from Belfast International Airport. It’s a one-stop-shop for routes, timetables, and fare information.

  • iLink Card: Ideal for frequent travellers, the iLink Card is an integrated smartcard that gives you unlimited daily, weekly or monthly travel on Metro, NI Railways, and Ulsterbus within specified zones.
  • DayLink Travelcard: A re-usable smartcard for one day’s unlimited travel on Metro services in Belfast.
  • Belfast Visitor Pass: Besides offering unlimited travel on Metro, NI Railways, Ulsterbus services in the Belfast area, this pass also grants you discounts at various tourist attractions, cafes, and shops.

Accessibility Features

Belfast is committed to providing accessible transport options.

Many buses, including the Glider services, are equipped with features designed for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility, ensuring that getting around the city is convenient for everyone.

  • Buses: Low-floor designs for step-free access.
  • Metro: Features audio and visual stop announcements.

To make your journey smoother, always check for the latest accessibility information and services when planning your trip.

Exploring Beyond Belfast

As you soak in the rich heritage and cultural vibes of Belfast, the adventure continues with nearby destinations that promise delightful day trips and experiences just a short journey away.

Day Trips and Excursions

After exploring neighborhood gems like the Titanic Quarter and Cathedral Quarter in Belfast, you’ll find that the rest of Northern Ireland and even neighboring countries are within easy reach for exciting day trips.


A train or bus can comfortably whisk you away to Dublin, the bustling capital of the Republic of Ireland, in approximately two hours.

Here you can savor a pint at an iconic pub, stroll through historic streets, or visit the prestigious Trinity College.


Also known as Londonderry, this city is rich in history and culture.

About an hour and a half drive from Belfast, Derry’s compelling 17th-century walls and the vibrant atmosphere make it a must-visit.


For a seaside escape, head to the coastal town of Portrush.

About an hour by train, you can enjoy sandy beaches, the famous Royal Portrush Golf Club, and taste some of Northern Ireland’s freshest seafood.


A quick train ride from Belfast will bring you to the scenic coastal town of Bangor, ideal for a relaxed day out with its marina, parks, and local eateries.

Scotland and England

If you’re tempted to venture further, Scotland and England are accessible via short flights from Belfast, or even by a ferry from Northern Ireland, making them an exploration worth considering.

These excursions can be easily packed into a day, offering you a blend of history, nature, and city life—all within reach from your Belfast home base.